Troubleshoot problems with web site running from CD or DVD

If your CD prototype does not even start (e.g. no logo shows for too long, then web browser appears and says it can't connect to the server) then it's a startup problem. To diagnose startup problem, you need to get the startup trace - to do this, go to site/stunnixwebsrv/debug directory, and double click on a script named windows-startup.bat, macosx-startup.command or depending on operating system you diagnose problems on. The script will start web server in debugging mode (no splash screen will be shown), and after end of startup a trace of all operations (with error codes) will open in text editor. Study that log, and if you don't have any idea what to do, email it to our support team.

If you are using Tomcat, and your main web server starts, but you can't access any Tomcat-served page - see Tomcat on CD configuration and startup guide.

If you are using php, python or perl for your web scripts, and your scripts give errors - see main web server error log. Its structure is similar to Apache's error log. To see web server error log, enable "Webserver Inspector" on the General/Main Properties sheet in Project ⇒ Site settings, rebuild your prototype, and start it. A small separate browser window with red background should appear (if it doesn't, disable blocking of popup windows in your browser and start prototype again) or just visit URL "/stunnix-websrv-inspector/" on your site (e.g. if 9000 Stunnix Web Server for CD has found 9000 as the first free port). In Webserver inspector, select "webserver error log" to view error reported by language interpreters and libraries).

If your scripts can't connect to MySQL database - most probably you didn't update your database connection strings.

  • If accessing MySQL database from Perl, update your DSN string to contain MySQL port number (stored in $ENV{MYSQL_PORT}) as done in /site/www/root/ from the full trial cd. Nothing needs changes in PHP scripts with respect to port number: PHP scripts will use correct port numbers automatically since it will be set in a dynamically-generated php.ini.
  • Update Perl/Python/Java scripts to use host= in a database connection string. No changes are needed for PHP scripts.