Stunnix Advanced Web Server - put any web site on a CD and run it directly from the CD on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media is designed for putting any site that uses any of most popular programming languages and databases to CDROM or USB, and have it working directly from that media.

Any site that uses Perl, mod_perl, PHP (php4 and php5), Tomcat (Java), Python (mod_python) for scripting and Firebird, MySQL or SQLite databases can run off of a CD with the use of Stunnix Advanced Web Server. The CD, once put into the tray, will run the web server itself, MySQL, or a Firebird database server and PHP, Perl, Python, and Java interpreters directly from the CD and will open a browser window with the site in it.

Users of Windows (from Win95 to Windows 8), Mac OS X, and Linux can use the compact disk for accessing the site stored on it, without installing anything to their computer and without having any connection to the Internet.


C and C++ Obfuscator is the most flexible and portable solution for protecting C and C++ code of any dialect and with all compiler extensions. It's useful for distributing applications or libraries in source form (to maximize portability) without disclosing source code.

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Obfuscate C or C++ source with our C/C++ Script Obfuscator. It protects C, C++ source files by obfuscating symbol names and ints and encoding strings. Obfuscation of C and C++ is controllable by a lot of options. Properly obfuscated C or C++ source code can be compiled by any compiler. Our C/C++ Obfuscator mangles C or C++ source in all files in the project. Mangling and scrambling of C/C++ can be performed via commandling or GUI interfaces.


Mangle integers
Strip spaces
Strip newlines
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