About us

We are a leader in providing advanced solutions for source code obfuscation for most popular scripting languages like C/C++, JavaScript and Perl.


Here is a list of tools that make source code unreadable. Use them to prevent illegal reuse, IP theft and tampering of your code.

  • C/C++ Obfuscator

    Tool to make C/C++ source code unreadable

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  • Perl-Obfus

    Tool to make Perl code unreadable, with ability to add licensing checks.

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  • JavaScript Obfuscator

    Tool to make JavaScript and HTML code unreadable.

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  • VBScript Obfuscator

    Tool to make VBScript unredable (for ASP, .vbs and .wsc files).

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Other tools

  • Web4GUI

    Turn sites that use PHP/Python/Perl/Java and MySQL or SQLite into applications for Win, Mac & Linux

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