Explanation of files and directories in the package

Stunnix Advanced Web Server comes as a .tar.gz archive that should be extracted using either WinZIP (on windows platforms) or by using tar and gzip utilities on unix-like OSes.

The files in this directory serves several purposes:
  • This is a template of a directory root for multi-platform CDROM image that includes
    • copy of Stunnix Advanced Web Server (located in /sample-image/site/stunnixwebsrv);
    • dynamic web site (in /sample-image/site/www/root) that includes Project Manager for Stunnix Perl-Obfus;
    • sample trivial XCGI script in /sample-image/site/www/apps/sample-lib/Mods/mod1.pm and an entry for it in /sample-image/site/www/root/sample-xcgi.xcgi;
    • sample CGI script in /sample-image/site/www/root/sample-cgi.pl;
    • copy of all documentation for Stunnix Advanced Web Server (that's also a sample of Server-Parsed documents) in /sample-image/site/www/root/support/doc/aws/ (see on the recommended way of reading the documentation);
    In order to make the CDROM prototype to work on systems without Perl interpreter installed, you have to perform additional operations documented later in this document.
  • Everything below /sample-image/site is an image from which single executable containing Perl interpreter, required core modules, Stunnix Advanced Web Server and sample site can be built. Just run the script /sample-scripts/sample-make-exe.pl (after installing PAR and following all notes on installing PAR) and the executable file with name sample-site will be put into current directory.
contains various useful scripts, most notably packsite-par.pl
This directory contains sample scripts for performing various tasks. Just execute sample-make-exe.pl script from there without any arguments (after installing PAR and following all notes on installing PAR) to get a sample executable named 'sample-site' built with Stunnix Advanced Web Server included and Project Manager for Stunnix Perl-Obfus as a sample site.

Executing sample-make-zip-with-deps.pl script from there without any arguments (after installing PAR and following all notes on installing PAR) will give you sample-site.zip in that directory containing all modules and their support files required for Stunnix Advanced Web Server and sample site located in /sample-image.

Recommended way of reading documentation on Stunnix Advanced Web Server

Documentation on Stunnix Advanced Web Server comes in /sample-image/site/www/root/support/doc/aws/ and it contains Server Side Includes and other constructs available in Server Parsed documents. Due to this fact it's inconvenient to open documentation directly from your disk - the recommended way is to start Stunnix Advanced Web Server (by executing /sample-image/site/stunnixwebsrv/startsite.pl - e.g. by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer), and following the first link in the default document that is opened for the site.

Adding perl interpreter and core modules for running sample site on the system without Perl interpreter installed

In order to make the sample CDROM prototype not to require Perl interpreter in the system, you have to build a list of core modules required by web server and site (in general - by using tools/packsite-par.pl utility, for sample site - by invoking /sample-scripts/sample-make-zip-with-deps.pl script without any arguments). After using either of the methods, you'll get a .zip file in your current directory. You have to put the content of the 'lib' directory to the directory of the CDROM prototype corresponding to the operating system - /sample-image/perl/linux-x86/lib for Linux running on x86 CPUs and to /sample-image/perl/win32/lib for Windows OSes. You will also have to put Perl interpreter itself and its support files to the corresponding directory too - put /usr/bin/perl to /sample-image/perl/linux-x86/ for Linux on x86 CPUs, and put c:\perl\bin\wperl.exe and c:\perl\bin\perl58.dll or c:\perl\bin\perl56.dll to /sample-image/perl/win32/ for Windows platforms.

There are files named 'filelist' in /sample-image/perl/linux-x86/ and /sample-image/perl/win32/ listing all files that were put for some versions of the Perl interpreters.

The sample CD prototype with Perl interpreters included for Linux on x86 and Windows OSes is available online on Stunnix site - you can also just extract and copy content of the perl directory to the /sample-image/perl/ instead of making all steps outlined above.