Stunnix Advanced Web Server - put any web site on a CD and run it directly from the CD on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media is designed for putting any site that uses any of most popular programming languages and databases to CDROM or USB, and have it working directly from that media.

Any site that uses Perl, mod_perl, PHP (php4 and php5), Tomcat (Java), Python (mod_python) for scripting and Firebird, MySQL or SQLite databases can run off of a CD with the use of Stunnix Advanced Web Server. The CD, once put into the tray, will run the web server itself, MySQL, or a Firebird database server and PHP, Perl, Python, and Java interpreters directly from the CD and will open a browser window with the site in it.

Users of Windows (from Win95 to Windows 8), Mac OS X, and Linux can use the compact disk for accessing the site stored on it, without installing anything to their computer and without having any connection to the Internet.

An unique technology to work around firewalls on Windows is supported - HTTP over named pipes. In this mode, Stunnix Advanced Web Server listens and web browser operate with each other using Named Pipes, that makes them unnoticed and unaffected by firewalls.

It supports "Compressed Web Runtime" technology that makes startup time from CD/DVD same as startup time from HDD!

You can even take a look at the online demo of CDBuilder here!

See video tutorials on creating CD prototypes using CDBuilder.


Supported Languages and Databases for web site (on a SINGLE CDROM)

In short, Advanced Web Server for CDROM and UBS supports all most popular cross-platform scripting languages and databases on all desktop operating systems. See tables below for a detailed support matrices.

Languages and frameworks

Platform PHP4 PHP5 Java 1.4 Java 1.5 Java 6 Tomcat5 Python Perl ASP ASP.NET
Windows Win98, WinME, Win2000,
WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1
Mac OS X 10.2 for PPC
10.3 for PPC planned
10.4 for PPC planned
10.4 for x86 planned
10.5 (for x86/PPC) planned
10.6 (Snow Leopard) planned
10.7 (Lion) planned
10.8 (Mountain Lion) planned
10.9 (Mavericks) planned
10.10 (Yosemite) planned
Linux RedHat 7.3  and above
for x86 CPUs, 32-bit and 64-bit


Platform MySQL4 MySQL5 SQLite FireBird 1.5
Windows Win98, WinME, Win2000,
WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1
Mac OS X 10.2 for PPC
10.3 for PPC
10.4 for PPC
10.4 for x86
10.5 for x86/PPC
10.6 (Snow Leopard)
10.7 (Lion)
10.8 (Mountain Lion)
10.9 (Mavericks)
10.10 (Yosemite)
Linux RedHat 7.3  and above
for x86 CPUs, 32-bit and 64-bit


The features summary

Unique! Supports all major desktop operating systems - Windows, Mac OS X (for Intel and PPC processors), and Linux!

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD supports all major desktop operating systems (including Windows 98 through Windows 8, Mac OS X version 10.2 for PPC and Intel CPUs, and Linux Redhat 7.3) even without any OS updates installed. Our main implementation goal is to provide the same behaviors and the same set of features on all supported platforms. This is possible since SAWS is based on the Apache codebase (that is implemented in portable C). Advanced utilities used in preparing all environment and configuration files and the starting SAWS is implemented in the Perl programming language that is also available on a lot of platforms.

The wrapper auto detects free ports, finds the appropriate extensions and libraries to use on a given version of the OS, copies database files, starts MySql or Firebird database server, generates php configuration and apache-style configuration files for the codes, starts the core web server, opens the browser, and manages the shutdown of the web and database servers.

We are not aware of any other web server implementing something similar.

Unique! Supports HTTP over Named Pipes on Windows - to be undetected and unaffected by firewalls; a special version of Portable FireFox that can communicate with web server over Named Pipes is also provided!

On Windows, frewalls typically prevent any usual web server to start up and accept connections. Making web server and browser talk over Named Pipes makes both browser and server to be unnoticable and unaffected by firewalls.

Stunnix Advanced Web Server is the only web server in the world that can communicate with browser using Named Pipes instead of TCP networking. Also a special edition of Portable FireFox is provided that can communicate with Stunnix Advanced Web Server over Named Pipes.

All server side code like PHP, Python and Perl do not notice any difference between HTTP over Named Pipes and HTTP over TCP. All browser plugins like Flash and Java use browser's functions for communication with server, so they also seamlesly work over Named Pipes!

See more details on HTTP over Named Pipes here. We are not aware of any other web server implementing something similar.

Unique! Has "Compressed Web Runtime" technology that makes startup time from CD/DVD same as startup time from HDD!

When Compressed Web Runtime is enabled, CDBuilder (GUI tool for creation CDs/DVDs) puts a zip archives with web server itself, mysql server, php interpreter and Perl interpreter (and other interpreters like Python and JRE) into special folders on CD/DVD (one direcory per each Operating System).

On first run of the CD/DVD, the zip file for corresponding platform is unpacked to hidden permament directory on user's HDD. Then web server, mysql server and all script interpreters are run from that directory on HDD. All the web content (web documents and web scripts) continue to reside on CD/DVD.

On second and subsequent run of such CD/DVD, a web server, mysql server and all script interpreters are run directly from HD (no unpacking of them from CD/DVD is required), thus starting website from CD is as fast as starting from HDD.

See more details on Compressed Web Runtime here. We are not aware of any other web server implementing something similar.

Unique! It can serve static files from encrypted storage - pack all your JS/PNG/CSS/JPG/PDF/SWF files into single file to prevent theft of content

Stunnix Advanced Web Server can serve static files from the archive of proprietary format. This allows you to store all your static files (i.e. .html, .js, .swf, .pdf, .css, .png, .jpg, .gif, .flv and others) inside a single file, protecting your intellectual property. Once all your static files are inside the archive, it's much more difficult for a thief to steal your javascript and PDF files - he will have to download them one by one (so he will need to know names of all those files).

The files that are stored inside the archive (it's also called "storage") are served directly by web server from the archive, without unpacking them to temporary directory. Due to various techniques performance is not affected.

You can store any multimedia files like Flash or videos or PDFs into that encrypted storage. See more info on encrypted storage for static files here.

Unique! Uses Apache codebase; it's concept and configuration file-compatible with most famous web server - Apache

Stunnix Advanced Web Server uses codebase of Apache - very advanced, very flexible and the most widespread web server in the world. The syntax of configuration files and set of supported configuration file directives is exactly the same as Apache web server has.

Http core of Stunnix Advanced Web Server supports loading additional modules compiled for Apache-1.3.33 and below, meaning support for features absent in default configuration of Stunnix Advanced Web Server can be added in a minutes, such as webdav, ssl support, authentification via database and others.

Since all Apache configuration settings are supported and are handled the way Apache does, it automatically means that one can apply different settings to any single directory or to any resource whoose url matches specific regular expression; has the ability to have aliases for some documents (possibly located outside of web content root), has ability to have version of the webpage or images in several languages, advanced rewrites, advanced initialization of environment variables, precise control over headers and mime types and other features that make Apache so flexible and powerfull.

Unique! Includes a state of the art CDBuilder tool for true point-and-click configuration of all properties and building ISO images of the CD or DVD

The CDBuilder for Stunnix Advanced Web Server is an advanced tool that lets developers configure all the properties of the CD using GUI, without ever touching any configuration files or using command line utilities. It creates a directory tree ready to be burned to a CDROM or copied to a USB memory stick. It can also create ISO images of the final product, using correct ISO creation settings that guarantee proper work on all operating systems.

You can see what options are available by visiting the "Site Settings" page of our on-site demo of CDBuilder.

Just create a project, specify the location of the web content and database files, choose which platforms to support, choose which scripting languages to enable and which extensions to enable in the scripts, select a database type to be used, and click "Make Prototype" and "Copy all files" to generate a working image of your compact disk!

Unique! SAWS can run from network shares without mounting them (UNC path support, i.e. \\server\share\path)

On Windows, Stunnix Advanced Web Server supports UNC paths (\\server\share\path). This means it can run from network drives without mounting them. This is very useful for corporate environments.

Unique! Pages served by all engines (Tomcat, ASP, ASP.NET) appear on the same port as the main web server, allowing easy integration with other parts of the web site.

Tomcat, ASP, and ASP.NET based sites appear on the same port as the main web server, allowing it to mix Tomcat, ASP, and PHP or Perl on the same portal seamlessly. Developers can specify which content is to be served by the main web server and which content is to be served by Tomcat. You can view more information on running Tomcat from CDROM with Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDs and DVD by clicking here.

Of course, Tomcat, ASP and ASP.NET shut down along other parts of the web site (such as the database server) when the user requests to stop the web site.

Unique! Has a special debugging mode in which special tools for the inspection of the web server's state and database files are enabled for a the site and are opened upon startup of the produced CD.

Developers can save a lot of time otherwise spent on site development and debugging by enabling the Web Server Inspector - a tool that lets them to browse MySQL database, inspect web server access and error logs, and environment variables, open various special folders with a single click, and restart their web server or control their database server.

This allows the developer to run their web site under Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD and to modify it at the same time, being able to trace what is going on and reset the state of the scripting engines.

User doesn't have to install anything on his or her computer.

No installation is required for Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD. It runs from any location, including directories with names containing spaces. The web server, database server and script interpreters are run directly off of the CD. No hidden installation is performed on the user's computer. Everything needed to run them is present on the CD, and the user doesn't have to preinstall anything on his or her computer - no .NET runtimes, no OS patches.

Of course, it works fine from read-only media like compact discs (CDs), DVD disks, USB sticks, and shared network drives.

A smart wrapper, used for starting browser-based applications automatically, tunes the environment and computes the command line options for the database servers, generates configuration files for script engines, and then successfully runs the web server.

Information about the location of various important files and directories (like the interpreter's location, and directories of web documents), server properties (port being listened to by web server and so on), and information about the environment that the site runs in is made available via scripts that constitute web site logic. This makes it easy to adapt the web site logic to work on any of the supported platforms.

The user can copy an entire CD's contents to an HDD in order to free-up the CD tray for other discs and to improve performance.

Supports encoded PHP scripts on all platforms.

An IonCube Loader is shipped with Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD/DVD media and is supported on all platforms that Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDs/DVDs supports. This means you can distribute even your business-critical web site PHP code on CDROMs without any worries about code theft, or about whether or not CDROMs will be supported on various platforms.

The loader for Zend-encoded code is also provided for all platforms that Zend supports (which includes every platform Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD discs supports besides Mac OS X for Intel CPUs) - meaning that IonCube is preferred if you wish your product to support as much platforms as possible.

Of course JavaScript code protected by Stunnix JavaScript Obfuscator and Perl code protected by Stunnix Perl Obfuscator are both supported on all platforms supported by Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD disks.

Unique! Extremely flexible in its configuration due to its support for Apache web server configuration files.

Apache is famous for its flexibility. Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD is as flexible as Apache web server since its native configuration file syntax and grammar is the same as the one used by Apache.

For example, it has the ability to set options on a per-location or URLs-matching-regex basis and has parts of configuration files residing in its web documents directory.

Conditional configuration is, of course, supported (based on request properties, environment variables set, and the browser's language). The inclusion of various configuration files is supported.

URL rewriting is fully supported too. Custom error pages (localized into different languages) are also supported.

If-Modified-Since HTTP header is also supported, allowing you to use your browser's cache for static resources to speed up page rendering.

Unique! Cross-platform support for the stopping of the server and the releasing of the media.

There is an advanced cross-platform support for the stopping of Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and for the releasing of media. It's triggered by visiting a page with a special URL (refer to it with a link or button with a "quit" title). Once it's visited, Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD-ROM will serve content for a specified number of seconds (to allow that resource to refer to images, stylesheets, scripts, and even multimedia), terminate itself, database server, Tomcat (if any), and other external programs started per the developer's request, and will then release the media.

It's important to remind the user to click that button or visit the link for stopping, since on platforms other than Windows, the user won't be unable to eject CDROM by simply closing browser window.

The tray icon shown on Windows brings up a context menu with the option to stop the web site, so Window users can use the tray icon instead of visiting the special resources.

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD and all scripts and programs that are started by it are terminated automatically without any GUI prompt when the user ends the session or reboots/shutdowns the machine on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Unique! Has hooks to start additional programs upon startup of the web site; browserless mode is supported.

Cross-platform support is available for starting additional programs with configurable delays (before and after starting the browser or before starting the http engine) and for stopping them when the server shuts down.

Of course, the starting of the browser can also be disabled, so products that use database-driven web services that draw their UI theirself can also use Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDs and DVDs.

The names of those additional programs can be set for each platform independently. It's even possible to have a web-based UI on some platforms and an native UI on others. All additional programs are run directly from the CDROM and are stopped automatically once the web server receives the request to terminate. It's possible to specify the amount of time to wait after a such additional program is started.

Unique! TCP ports to be used are not hardcoded, but are determined at runtime instead.

All autoconfigurations and autodetections are done by a special smart wrapper utility implemented in Perl (meaning it's very easy to be modified for special needs).

As part of the startup, it finds a free TCP ports to start the web server, database servers, and Tomcat on, meaning that even on computers that have the "most convenient" port numbers occupied by other applications (or even by other instances of Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD), all servers will start successfully. The chosen port numbers are exported to web site scripts using environment variables and (for mysql server) as settings in php.ini.

Unique! Different products created with Stunnix Advanced Web Server can be run at the same time on the same computer by the same user without any conflicts.

Different instances of Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media can run on any given computer at any given moment in time, provided the authors of the products have created different Site IDs for their products.

This means that products that rely on Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media can be run on terminal servers or can be run by the same user at the same time without conflicting with each other.

Unique! Hints about the operating system that your site is run on are provided to website scripts

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD and DVD-ROM media provides some information about platforms and environments being run under to the web site scripts using environment variables

This allows you to make website scripts that work on any OS supported by SAWS.


Intended uses for the product

Create brochures, presentations, and product catalogues in the form of web sites and put them on CDs.

Current web technologies allow you to create advanced presentations and product catalogs - either in Web 2.0 style or with the use of Flash.

Most back ends of modern web technologies are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, so it's an ideal and cheap way to create multi-platform products. Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media is the only product that allows you to create media with web back ends and front ends that will work on these desktop platforms.

Release snapshots of public pages from your website on CDs or DVDs for users with slow connections.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of users who have very slow or very expensive internet connections, even nowadays. Why would you limit the interactive capabilities of your web site materials (or create a specialized lo-fi version of the content) for those users? Just let them order current snapshots of your public web site pages on CDs for a couple of bucks (or let them download a big file once over a fast connection somewhere for free!) Just use Stunnix Advanced Web Server for DVD and USB media for this and users of Windows, Macs, or even Linux will be happy browsing your interactive tours, product presentations, and catalogues.

In case you don't have enough staff on hand to create such snapshots, we can do it for you. Just contact us and we'll help you. We can prepare the template of the product for you, and you'll be able to use it to create snapshots of your site as often as you need them.

Create advanced applications for desktops in the form of web sites and sell them as downloadable versions or on CDs from your store; turn them into multi-user applications in a single click!

Today's web technologies are very advanced and cross-platform, but on the other hand, the development of cross-platform web applications is 2-10 times cheaper than the development of the "usual" application for a single platform. The only problem with today's advanced web technologies is that they require complex configurations of the operating system, updating it with the latest patches and setting it up and configuring it to work with various web and database servers.

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD-ROM and USB media eliminates the need to setup and configure anything completely! Applications produced with Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDs will run from any folder or disk and on any desktop operating system. Stunnix Advanced Web Server for DVDs and USB media performs all the configurations for the web server, database server, and scripting engines upon startup.

With the use of Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media, applications can be turned into multi-user (networked) applications in a single click inside CDBuilder GUI. This means an entire family or small office can share the data on a web-based application.

Save a site that you are developing to a USB memory stick and show it to your customers on any of their computers

Have you ever needed to show current version of the website that you are developing to your customer in their office? Just use Stunnix Advanced Web Server for DVD and USB media and you'll be able to take your site with you, and show it to your customers on their computers no matter what OS they may be running. If you develop your site on Linux and one or more of your customers has only Windows installed on their computers, it will not be a problem for you. Simply copy a single folder to the USB memory stick or a CDRW and take it with you. It won't matter which drive letter gets assigned to that media. Stunnix Advanced Web Server for DVD and USB will auto tune everything once it's started.

Make changes at your customer's office, take the USB memory stick with you, and then copy the folder to your computer - and you've just synchronized it with your development environment!

Unique! Have a personal snapshot of the site you are developing on just one single computer (or on a set of computers that you are working on throughout your day).

Stunnix Advanced Web Server for DVD-ROMS and USB sticks can be your development web server of choice. Don't waste your time configuring the web server and database server on your development computer - just use Stunnix Advanced Web Server for removable media since it does not require any manual configurations or setup procedures.

You will have your own database and web server that you will be able to reconfigure, start, stop, or restart at your will. If you have to work on different unconnected computers during your day (especially if one of them runs Windows, another is a Mac, and the third one is running Linux), the move from one computer to another will only require the copying of a single folder.


Since Perl scripting language is used for wrapping apache-based http engines, it is very easy to extend functionality of SAWS. If you need support for missing PHP extensions, have a need to slightly deviate the behavior of the product, or need to support other scripting languages or platforms, just contact us. All of the people who communicated with us in the past were pleased by our fast responses and how quickly we added functionality for our clients or potential clients. Contact us if you wish us to make SAWS better suit your needs, or if you have any questions about the product!