About us

Stunnix is a leader in providing advanced solutions for source code obfuscation for most popular scripting languages like Perl and Javascript.

Our highest area of expertise is the development of custom and general purpose scalabale enterprise-level applications and solutions for Unix and Linux platforms with command-line, console, X11, or web-based interfaces.

Our precise attention to the architecture and internal design of our products ensures that we deliver the highest quality products to our customers. All of our products are developed with a very high level of abstraction and genericity which ensures their scalability and flexibility.

Our clients

A lot of Fortune500 companies are using our products. You can see a list of our famous clients here.


Our clients love our products. You can see their testimonials here.

Our Resellers

We have a lot of resellers in various countries of the world. Here is a list:

compuwave.de qbsd.co.uk asmtech.com comparex-group.com comsoft.fr
selectindia.com preflexsol.com netzary.com techhat.co.in
shi.com softwareone.com
linksoft.com.tw www.tangunsoft.com xlsoft.com