Sample app - Rich Text Editor

Here are samples of rich text editor implemented as CKEditor (it's javascript library) and two PHP libraries - HTML2PDF, and HTML2Docx that are using for exporting the text into PDF and .docx file formats. With use of native file selector facility, the editor feels like native application on Windows, Mac and Linux and is trivial to implement.

Downloading builds of Rich Text Editor

There are several sample builds of the editor:

Supported platformsFormat With custom browser and PHP With system browser and PHP With system browser, without PHP
zip 52 MB 35 MB 15 MB
zip 34 MB 15 MB 15 MB
zip 21 MB 6 MB 6 MB
  zip 72 MB 47 MB 26 MB
   zip 79 MB 50 MB 29 MB

Other samples

Also you can download trials of Stunnix JavaScript Obfuscator or Stunnix CXX-Obfus - they also can be seen as samples of the applications that use server-side languages and web technologies.