How to install or upgrade guide a purchased copy of Stunnix Advanced Web Server



Upon purchase of Stunnix Advanced Web Server or receiving an update to it, you receive a file named Just unpack it to any directory and then run a program specific to the OS: run-patcher-on-windows.exe on Windows, Run-Patcher-on-MacOS-X on OSX and (in terminal) on Linux. It will patch a trial SAWS into non-trial (updating files for all platforms). It can also be used to patch products created with trial SAWS too.

Before running, please ensure that SAWS (or product created with it) is not running (otherwise patcher will silently fail to patch busy files). The safe way to ensure this is to reboot your computer; other way is killing all httpd, apache, mysql processes.

If you forget to apply this patch to demo or to products created with demo, they will stop working in about 4 monthes.

After patching, PLEASE test the site you've created by setting clock of your PC 10 monthes ahead and running your product to ensure that you've turned your web server into NON-TRIAL correctly. You will have to reburn CDs and resend them to your customers if CDs are expired!

If you never evaluated SWS before, please follow short HOWTO on using the product.

Handling the license key

The license key you get when purchasing needn't be put into any file on CDROM, it's just a proof that you've purchased our product.

Notes on updating to new version of SWS

Once new version of Stunnix Advanced Web Server is released, a patcher is sent (as attachment) to all customers who purchased a product (or update to it) during the 365 days before the date of release.

The update is the same file that one receives when purchasing a product in the store. The list of changes introduced in each new version of the product is always available on a dedicated What's New page.

In some new versions of SWS Perl and PHP interpreters and MySQL server can also be updated (and it's also mentioned in What's New page), so if stated that something besides web server core is updated, one will also need to register again for receiving a download link to the full trial, download it and apply patch to it.

Consider protecting your code from theft and analysis

We recommend you to protect scripts used in your site.

  • To protect JavaScript from analysis and theft and for mangling html, you can use Stunnix JavaScript Obfuscator;
  • To protect VBScript from analysis and theft and for mangling html, you can use Stunnix VBScript and ASP Obfuscator;
  • To protect Perl scripts from analysis and theft, you can use Stunnix Perl-Obfus - an advanced obfuscator and encoder for Perl source code;
  • To protect PHP scripts from analysis and theft, you can use IonCube PHP encoder - it's already integrated into SPWS and supported on all platforms.