Installing trial of C/C++ Obfuscator

Installing trial of C/C++ Obfuscator is easy - just download a trial for your platform, then do what's listed below :

Just run the .exe file you've downloaded to install C/C++ Obfuscator on your computer - it will add itself to Start ⇒ Programs menu.

It's greatly recommended to install it outside of c:\Program Files*\, e.g. to c:\opt\stunnix\.

Just unpack the .zip file to any directory you like and click on the only icon of application bundle to run it.

Just unpack .tar.gz file to any directory, and run bin/ to start C/C++ Obfuscator Project Manager GUI from any kind of terminal program (like xterm or gnome-terminal) or by any other mean; the only requirement is that Firefox or some other browser is present on your computer and that you can run GUI programs (e.g. DISPLAY environment variable is set).

Fedora users: please install required RPMs by typing this command as root:

yum install perl perl-CGI perl-Digest-MD5

Also if your Linux system is 64-bit, it must be able to run 32-bit binaries too. Please see here if you have 64-bit linux system on what packages to install so it's able to run 32-bit programs.
See below for optional steps needed if you'll be using command line interface.

Optional steps needed if you'll be using command line interface of the C/C++ Obfuscator

In order to call command line interface of C/C++ Obfuscator and other utilities shipped with it without mentioning path to those utilities, start Project Manager, go to Tools ⇒ Configure command line tools.., and specify any directory listed in your PATH environment variable there. Aliases will be installed to that directory, so you will be able to simply type cxx-obfus in Terminal (without specifying path to cxx-obfus).

Installing non-trial edition of C/C++ Obfuscator purchased in the Store

The file downloaded after purchase in our store is effectively a patch for a trial version. So you have to install a trial as described above first.

To patch C/C++ Obfuscator into non-trial, start Project Manager, then go to Tools ⇒ Upgrade into non-trial.. menu item, accept the license and then specify the file you've downloaded from the store and a serial number (received in the email with download link for the patch), then click OK. After you do this, just restart Project Manager as described on the final step of this procedure.

Updating non-trial version of the C/C++ Obfuscator

When releasing updates, we send out a patch against current trial of the C/C++ Obfuscator as email attachment. You will have to find out your original serial number (received after purchase of the product in the store) and then follow the same steps as when installing just purchased product, as described here - i.e. you will have to fetch current trial, install it, go to Tools ⇒ Upgrade into non-trial.., point the location of the patch you've downloaded from private section of our site, enter serial number and click OK.