extract-syms-from-dir - extract symbol names from a directory with source files


extract-syms-from-dir.pl - Extract symbols defined in all files residing in specified directory


extract-syms-from-dir.pl dirname [ regular-expression ] [ symbol-types ]


This script finds all symbols declared in all files residing in specified directory. It prints those symbols on its standard output, one per line (so it is suitable for using as exceptions).

It does exactly what default page Tools, Extract symbols from directory with source files command in Stunnix Obfuscator Project Manager does, with default settings (if no additional command line options are given).


[ regular-expression ]
Specify regular expression for filenames to analyze.

The POSIX regular expression is matched case-insensitive. It is matched against full pathname of each file, so it can include matching on subdirectory name too.

If just - (i.e. a minus sign) is passed as regular expression, default regular expression for current programming language will be used.

[ symbol-types ]
Specify symbol types to extract. If this argument is omitted, then symbols of all types are extracted. The argument given is a string, each character of the string specifies some type of symbol. To get meaning of each possible character, run this tool passing anything for regular expression argument and dot (``.'') as [ symbol-types ], e.g.

extract-syms-from-dir.pl . . .

The order in which characters are provided does not matter.