Latest version of Stunnix Advanced Web Server

Latest version of Stunnix Advanced Web Server is 9.1. If you wish to be notified of new versions of Stunnix Advanced Web Server as soon as they are released, you can signup for Stunnix Newsletter.

Demos present on our site were uploaded on 2019-10-25. See "Run on" (it's plain text file) in the demo you've downloaded to find out when it was uploaded.

New features in version 9.1
Released on October 18th, 2019

  • Added support for macOS Catalina.
  • Removed support for PHP 5.5.x and below, and MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 4. Just open your project in CDBuilder, and select PHP 5.6.x or PHP 7.2.x and MySQL 5.5 to update it to supported versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • iOnCube loader for PHP 7.2.1 on macOS has been fixed.
  • Now products that use PHP 7.2.1 on Windows do not require VCRuntime to be preinstalled on user's computers.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

New features in version 9.0
Released on April 2nd, 2019

  • Added support for 64-bit Linux - now Prototypes can be run on 64-bit Linux without installing any additional packages.
  • PHP versions 5.6.x and 7.2.x for Linux have got support for 'intl' extension.
  • Major performance improvements - sites start much faster now.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • The demo now includes the recent Wordpress, Joomla and PHPBB3.

New features in version 8.6
Released on January 22nd, 2018

  • Added support for PHP 7.2.1.
  • Major performance improvements - sites start much faster now.
  • [Win] Remaining stability issues have been resolved when named pipes are enabled.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
CDBuilder-related improvements and fixes:
  • All operations that can take more than 10 seconds - e.g. building the project or creating ZIP archive - are handled in a different way. This enabled process to take as much as needed, without causing HTTP time out. This means that all long running operatons are very reliable now.
  • A lot of dialogs have been redesigned, they have got modern look.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

New features in version 8.5
Released on August 29th, 2017

  • Now Wordpress-based sites should work perfectly due to several critical bugfixes.
  • Database files can be stored in compressed format (as .zip file). This greatly speeds up time of first startup, especially from slow media like DVD or USB.
  • [Win] Apache-based server core does not show standard "the app has crashed" dialog when stopping the product. This problem sometimes occured on Windows, when HTTP over named pipes was enabled, and when Apache2-based web server code was used.
  • First startup of the Prototype can be aborted (with error message) if there is not enough free disk space on the disk where temporary and state files would be stored. Set disk space requirements in Project ⇒ Site Settings ⇒ Startup and initial URL ⇒ Advanced.
  • [Win] Folder selection utility now puts its window on top of other windows.
  • Removed errors about empty environment variables from web server error log.
  • Added missing packages to the page that shows which packages to install on 64-bit linux - shown when running on 64-bit linux.
CDBuilder-related improvements and fixes:
  • When importing MySQL database from SQL file, now it's possible to specify SQL statement autoprepended to the imported file, e.g. for declaring database character set. The default value provided is safe for most cases.
  • Added ability to generate "copier" utility for Windows - using new menu item in "Optimize & Pack Prototype" ⇒ "Create Windows utility to copy your product to hard disk". It should be placed on your DVD or USB drive. When run, it looks like it's a regular installer to the user, and it will copy everything from the directory it was started from to hard disk (to "c:\program files(x86)"). Also it will create shortcuts in Start Menu folder and (optionally) on Desktop that will start your product from hard disk.
    Unlike installer, it does not bundle your product inside itself, so it's very small in size (70Kb).
  • Now opcache php extension can be really enabled in PHP 5.6.x.
  • Platform-specific lines in php.ini are now really supported.
  • Build results window in CDBuilder has been greatly improved - now it looks better, and provides concise info with option to expand details for every message in the window.
  • [Win] When building or optimizing or packing Prototype, longest path of the file in the Prototype is calculated, and warnings are shown when they exceed critical value.
  • Added ability to remove certain files or folders from Prototype after building it - put those paths to Project ⇒ Site Settings ⇒ Layout of Input Directory ⇒ Advanced.
  • Properly import SQL dumps produced by MySQL server version 5.6.
[Win] New in generating installer for Windows using CDBuilder:
  • Now it's possible to specify relative path to output file.
  • Also it's possible to specify empty path to license file now, in that caselicense won't be shown to the user.
  • It's now possible to specify name of shortcut created in Start Menu folder.
  • Installer now prompts to create shortcut on the desktop too.

New features in version 8.4
Released on February 8th, 2017

  • Added support for Java 8 and Tomcat 6.x, 7.x and 8.x for all platforms.
  • [Mac] Added support for signing apps produced by CDBuilder. Now users can run those apps without allowing to run apps from unidentified developers in Preferences ⇒ Privacy. Demos of Web4GUI are also signed now.
  • [Win] Pre-install some .dll files to the system if they are missing. This allows to run apps that use PHP 5.4.31 on clean Windows XP.
  • CDBuilder now allows to specify the location of the directory to take Tomcat apps from.
  • CDInspector now properly detects and handles the case when browser blocks popup windows, and allows to open them manually.

New features in version 8.3
Released on August 29th, 2016

  • [Mac,Linux] Static files greater than 4Gb can now be served on Mac and Linux.
  • [Win] Better support for some PHP modules on Windows, for php v5.6 and php v5.5.
  • Various minor improvements have been made in all modules and GUI.

New features in version 8.2
Released on February 22nd, 2016

  • A lot of improvements in CDBuilder have been made, including related to UX and UI.
  • [Win] Fixed speed of accessing MySQL database from PHP 5.6 on Windows when named pipes are enabled.
  • A lot of improvements in Web Inspector have been made, including reliable restart of Prototype.
  • [Win] Now it's possible to run Java applets in custom build of Firefox for Windows. This is done by adding a portable edition of JRE.
  • [Win] A special kiosk-ready build of Portable Firefox is now available, that prevents any context menus and dialogs (like Print or Save As) from appearing.
  • [Linux] When Prototype is run on Linux 64-bit, a page with instructions on how to install compatibility libraries is displayed to the user in the browser.
  • [Win] A lot of improvements in facility for selecting files or folders on Windows.
  • Various minor improvements have been made in all modules.

New features in version 8.1
Released on October 13th, 2015

  • Added support for PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6.
  • Fixed severe bug: now PHP works on Mac OS El Captain (10.11).
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 8.0
Released on April 14th, 2015

  • Added support for Nodewebkit - a mix of Chrome based browser and NodeJS runtime. Packages are available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Besides being a Chrome-based browser, it allows to run NodeJS apps inside browser.
  • Now building prototypes will take couple of seconds: files are now linked, not copied.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 7.1
Released on March 18, 2015

  • Fixed problems with PHP 5.4.31 on Mac not forcing use of MySQL started by SAWS
  • Fixed crash of Apache 2 on Windows at exit, when named pipes mode was not enabled.
  • Now it's possible to add a description for the project in CDBuilder
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 7.0
Released on October 27, 2014

  • Now you can create Windows installer (.exe file) out of your Prototype in one click in CDBuilder.
  • Now you can create Mac Disk Image (.DMG file) for Mac out of your Prototype in one click in CDBuilder.
  • Native file/director selection functionality has been greatly reworked. Added support for FileSaveAs dialogue (it allows to select files to save to - i.e. files that not yet exist). Now you can create desktop-like applications using PHP, Perl or Python.
  • Added ability to rename files used to start Prototype on Windows and Mac via settings in CDBuilder - a special category General ⇒ Branding was introduced for this.
  • If user has updated Portable Firefox used by Prototype, it will be detected at startup and original version of browser is restored.
  • Hints about server and platform server runs on are exported to client-side JavaScript via JSON file.
  • Crashes of runcd.exe on Windows on some computers have been fixed.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 6.3
Released on September 17, 2014

  • Added support for PHP 5.4.31 with same set of php extensions as php 5.3.5 has (including support for iOnCube Loader).
  • Added support for MySQL 5.5.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 6.2
Released on May 12, 2014

  • Added support for running SAWS as service on Windows and Mac
  • Implemented special support for computers with Windows that have no MSIE installed.
  • A package with Portable Firefox 29.0 for Windows with support for HTTP over named pipes was made available. A version of Portable Firefox 29.0 for Mac was made available too. Version 29.0 is now a default version of Portable Firefox for Windows and Mac.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 6.1
Released on October 23, 2013

  • Fixed remaining problems with Apache2-based core on Windows with support of HTTP over named pipes.
  • CDInspector tool has got commands Restart Prototype and Reset all state and restart Prototype (simulates running Prototype on this computer for the first time). These commands required special support in web server itself, and it was implemented.
  • CDInspector tool now detects most common configuration problems and provides options for resolving them.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 6.0
Released on July 22, 2013

  • Added support for Compressed Web Runtime. This technology makes startup time from CD/DVD same as startup time from HDD.
    When Compressed Web Runtime is enabled, CDBuilder puts a zip archives with web server itself, mysql server, php interpreter and Perl interpreter (and other interpreters like Python and JRE) into special folders on CD/DVD (one direcory per each Operating System - one directory for Windows, one for Mac OS, one for Linux). On first run of the CD/DVD, the zip file for corresponding platform is unpacked to hidden permament directory on user's HDD. Then web server, mysql server and all script interpreters are started from that directory on HDD. All the web content (web documents and web scripts) continue to reside on CD/DVD. On second and subsequent run of such CD/DVD, a web server , mysql server and all script interpreters are run directly from HD (no unpacking of them from CD/DVD is required).
  • Latest version of IonCube loader was integrated. Now it supports loading files produced by IonCube Encoder v8.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.14
Released on Apr 2, 2013

  • Now Apache 2 for Windows shipped with SAWS also supports http over named pipes to avoid firewall warnings.
  • Packages of Portable Firefox for Windows have been updated - now GUI does not lock while browser is waiting for server's response over named pipe.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.13
Released on February 20, 2013

  • Now SAWS supports working off network drives on Windows (UNC paths, i.e. using \\server\share as a path).
  • Packages of Portable Firefox have been updated - now they don't prompt user to install system-wide Firefox extensions (like those installed by antiviruses) on first run of the CD.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.12
Released on January 18, 2013

  • Packages of Portable Firefox for Windows (v16) have been updated - there was a problem running them on some systems.
  • A new CDBuilder menu item "Remove all hidden files and caches created by Prototype on this computer" was introduced in "Copy from Prototype" menu - it allows to erase all traces of running the Prototype from the computer.
  • Added special support for handling Wordpress sites. Now it's trivial to put a Wordpress-based site to usb stick or optical disc provided you have a backup of the site from real web server - now you don't have to use special initial URL.
  • Now CDBuilder's icon in Windows tray looks different from default site icon (it has little "B" on it too) - this allows you to find CDBuilder's icon in tray much faster.
  • New video on creating CD prototypes (for all types of CMSes) was produced and is available here. It shows the use of new CDBuilder menu item "Remove all hidden files and caches created by Prototype on this computer" too.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.11
Released on November 14, 2012

  • Added packages of Portable Firefox for Windows and Mac based on Firefox 16.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.10
Released on July 2nd, 2012

  • Added ability to "preheat" some pages by accessing them before browser window is shown. Preheating causes script interpreter and common parts of scripts to be cached, so that opening subsequent pages happens much faster. These URLs can be specified in GeneralServer properties in CDBuilder.
  • Added ability to specify command line options for MySQL server for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Starting of MySQL is now more reliable on Mac and Linux where system-wide MySQL server is installed.
  • Defaults for packages of Portable Firefox are now more optimal performance-wise.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.9
Released on January 25, 2012

  • Added Portable Firefox 9.0.1 package for Mac OS 10.5 and above - now you can include it with your CD or DVD or downloadable app. On OSX below 10.5 PortableFirefox 2.0 will be used as fallback. Thus you can rely on modern web technologies without a fear that they won't be supported by user's browser in case you select 'start copy of Stunnix-packaged Portable Firefox' in 'Browser Properties'.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.8
Released on Nov 28, 2011

  • Now you can use Portable Firefox 8.0 as a browser on Windows. The added version of Portable Firefox supports HTTP over Named Pipes, stopping server on closing browser window, and hidden interface elements - i.e. capable of all features of previous build of Portable Firefox available for SAWS (it was based on Portable Firefox 3.5.3). This allows you to use CSS3 and all other modern web standards for your site deployed to CD or DVD.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.7
Released on Nov 8, 2011

  • Now special mode is enabled for MySQL in PHP by default. With any MySQL connection string, your PHP code will open connection to MySQL server started by SAWS. This removes the need to alter PHP code when adapting it for running off CD.
  • Now reading of .htaccess files anywhere inside document root is enabled by default.
  • iOnCube loaders have been updated to most recent version.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.6
Released on Sep 1, 2011

  • Now startup of web server while it's shutdown of the server is in progress does not fail. With previous versions, it was impossible to start the server up during 30 seconds since shutdown of the web server.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.

New features in version 5.5
Released on May 24, 2011

  • Portable Firefox is now unpacked to permament directory (instead of temporary directory) on Windows on first run. This prevents problems caused by use of some disk cleaning tools.
  • Added support for PHP XSL extension to PHP 5.3.5 on Windows.
  • PHP 5.3.5 for Windows has got support for mysql connection string remapping too. This means you won't have to change your PHP code in order to support http over named pipes at all.

New features in version 5.4
Released on Feb 1, 2011

  • Added support for PHP 5.3.5. It's not available for PowerPC-based MacOS X though (so it's supported on Mac OS X for x86-based CPUs, Windows and Linux).

New features in version 5.3
Released on Dec 21, 2010

  • Now you can configure web server to stop once last browser window is closed on Windows and Mac OS X.
    This is supported only when supplied custom build of Portable Firefox is used as browser.

New features in version 5.2
Released on Oct 14, 2010

  • Now MySQL tables that use InnoDB storage engine are correctly supported.
  • Now HTTP over Named Pipes requires NO changes to arguments of mysql_connect() and mysqli_connect() PHP functions. Previous versions required use of $_SERVER['MYSQL_HOST_PHP'] variable as mysql connection string, now it's not required. This is very important change.
  • Added native support and helper scripts to allow running Wordpress-based sites from CD or flash drive without any efforts; see details in the article "How to run Wordpress on CD, DVD or USB".

New features in version 5.1
Released on Jul 16, 2010

  • Project Manager now can optimize directory structure (by moving all helper directories into single directory) and can pack Project into cross-platform ZIP file (after unpacking it you'll get correct file permissions on Mac and Linux) (video).
  • Greatly improved CDInspector utility. Now it became more intuitive to use.
  • Added a lot of introductionary videos on creating a web server application for thumb drive to our site.
  • Recommended approach to creating Prototypes has been greatly simplified. Now user should create an empty project using wizard, then make the prototype, run it, and use CDInspector to open documents root and PHPMyAdmin in running Prototype. The user should copy the web scripts into the documents root of running Prototype and import .sql file using PHPMyAdmin. Once Prototype is working the way user expects, it should be stopped. Then user has to do 'Copy from prototype''Copy db files and web docs back from prototype to input dir' - this will copy all database files and web scripts from Project's Output Directory into Project's Input Directory. (video).
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 5.0
Released on April 21, 2010

  • Now it's possible to pack all static documents (like .html, .css, .jpg, .png, .swf) into single encrypted protected storage - those static web documents will be served directly off protected storage in that case.
  • Fixed issues with Apache2 support.
  • Fixed issues with Linux support.
  • Now it's possible to copy database and web scripts from Project's output directory back into Project's input directory.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 4.1
Released on January 27, 2010

  • Improved use of MySQL and SQLite from Tomcat server-side code.
  • Greatly improved and streamlined import of MySQL databases from .sql files.
  • Fixed issue with browsing MySQL databases using CDInspector.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 4.0
Released on November 22, 2009

  • Added support for Apache2-based web server on Windows. This makes some PHP-based sites more stable on Windows. Also it brings support for ModPerl2 since ModPerl2 is available only for Apache2. It can be enabled on the main page of Site Settings in CDBuilder. Python is not supported by Apache2 though.
  • Revolutionary improvement: added support for HTTP over Named Pipes on Windows - now server can be made listening only on named pipes; included modified version of Portable Firefox also does not use TCP sockets at all but connects to web server using named pipe. HTTP over Named Pipes solves all issues with firewalls that can be blocking server and browser operation. MySQL is run in named pipe-only mode too when HTTP over Named Pipes is used. Now users of products based on Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD won't see any firewall alerts, meaning that local web server-based applications are even more attractive for deployment.
  • Problem with splash screen covering firewall alert message at first run of web server has been fixed.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 3.7
Released on September 22, 2009

  • Added support for Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
  • Greatly improved support for Mac OS X Leopard for PowerPC CPUs.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 3.6
Released on August 26, 2009

  • Added full support for PHP 5.2.10 on all platforms. Zend and IonCube encoders supported on all platforms for this version of php. PHP 5.2.10 is now default version of PHP for new projects. Already-existing projects will still use 5.1.2, one needs to manuall change version of PHP used by the Prototype in CDBuilder, Project, "Site settings." PHP 5.3.x is not yet supported since Zend and IonCube haven't released loaders for PHP 5.3.x.
  • Added startup debugging kit. If your prototype does not even start, run a startup in tracing mode by visiting site/stunnixwebsrv/debug/ directory and starting script corresponding to your platform.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 3.5
Released on August 10, 2009

  • Added support for Portable Firefox on OSX. Use of Portable Firefox version 2.x as a browser on Mac OS X will insure you that your site will display correctly on any computer with Mac OS X of version 10.2 and above.
  • Added support for Zend Optimizer (loader for php files encoded with Zend Guard/Encoder) to PHP 5 on Mac OS X for x86 CPUs. This change allows to use Zend-encoded php files with your CD-based websites since Zend Optimizer is now available for all platforms and all versions of PHP supported by SAWS.
  • Added support for soap php extension for php5 on all platforms.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

New features in version 3.4
Released on May 3, 2009

  • CDBuilder has got wizard that helps to configure CD prototype. It's activated automatically once new project is created. One can recall it at any time using Project ⇒ "Re-run settings wizard" menu item.
  • In CDBuilder, now it's possible to update files that are older, skipping database import. This greatly improves the speed of updating the prototype. This command affects only MySQL and only cases when MySQL data is imported from .sql files. This menuitem for this action is "Make Prototype" ⇒ "Update files that are older, skip import of .sql files"
  • Runcd.exe - a program Windows users use to start web server now better handles cases when splash screen was not specified by the user.
  • Various minor improvements.

New features in version 3.3
Released on April 6, 2009

  • CDBuilder has got support for skins. The default skin is now "silver", previous default skin is available as "red".
  • Server configuration (i.e. whether MySQL is enabled; whether site is running from writeable media and so on) is now exported both to client-side scripts (as JavaScript object named "stunnix_web_server_status" defined by file with URL "/webserver-special-interface/status-all.js") and to server-side scripts (as info in JSON format, available in file $ENV['STUNNIXWS_TMPSTATEDIR']/status-all-json.js).
  • Runcd.exe - a program Windows users use to start web server - got a proper icon and metadata, improving overall users' impression about the CD-based or usbdrive-based product.
  • Video tutorials on using CDBuilder have been put online.
  • Various minor improvements.

New features in version 3.2
Released on December 27, 2008

  • Rebuilt GD for php for Mac OS X PPC with TTF support (Mac OS X Intel already had support for TTF).
  • Added support for mod_wsgi (an alternative for mod_python - Google people prefer mod_wsgi over mod_python).
  • Various minor improvements.

New features in version 3.1
Released on September 23, 2008

  • Implemented tray icon for Mac OS X.
  • Now php extension mysqli is supported on all platforms for php5.
  • Web Server Inspector has been slightly improved - no more extra window is opened at web server startup.
  • Now CDBuilder works even if SAWS is unpacked to a directory with long path name.
  • Port number SAWS listens on is passed as first commandline argument of external programs run before or after browser. This is mainly for flash projectors that can't access environment variables.
  • Added option to prevent copying Tomcat application to temporary directory in case Tomcat is running from HDD. This saves a lot of time on startup.
  • Changed defaults for php interpreter to better suit more users.

New features in version 3.0
Released on July 1, 2008

This version brings a lot of important changes, so it has major version number increased.

  • Fixed support for building ISO images on OSX (dependency on external library removed).
  • Fixed severe bug with tray icon behavior on Windows.
  • Added workaround for OSX-specific sqlite bug
  • Changed defaults for php to suit more developers
  • File selector facility has been improved to work out of the box with any project (no copying of missing modules was required)
  • Now non-trial version is distributed as a patcher - cross-platform utility with GUI that will patch trial into non-trial.

New features in version 2.9
Released on March 5, 2008

  • Added support for creating ISO cd images to CDBuilder (new menu item in Tools menu).
  • Names of mysql tables are now treated case-insensitive. This makes it unnecessary to update code to make it working on Linux (in case table names of wrong case were used in the code).
  • Executable for MySQL version 4 has been updated to support OSX Leopard better (mysql version 5 didn't have any problems at all).
  • Minor improvements in Windows support have been made.
  • CDBuilder GUI got much nicer look.

New features in version 2.8
Released on October 29, 2007

  • Added support for ASP.NET on Windows. Support for ASP.NET on Macs is planned.
  • Now facility for choosing files works again on Windows.
  • All warning messages on Windows are shown above all windows, even splash screen.
  • More useful environment variables are exported to the scripts by web server.
  • Minor useful improvements were made to CDBuilder GUI.

New features in version 2.7
Released on August 3, 2007

  • Added support for ASP on Windows.
  • Added support for Portable Firefox for Windows.
  • Fixed support for php5 on MacOSX (library was not being copied if cdbuilder was used).
  • Fixed some small bugs and made a lot of small improvements.

New features in version 2.6
Released on June 6, 2007

  • Splash screen functionality of Windows has been greatly improved. Now it redraws the image once obscured, and allows to drag splash screen with the mouse.
  • Implemented support for showing tray icon on Windows (that contols web site and lets reopen initial page and inspector window, if inspector was enabled for the site). User can easily add new menuitems to the menu displayed when user clicks on tray icon.
  • Fixed issue with sqlite databases copied to permament directory on HDD.
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs and made a lot of small improvements.

New features in version 2.5
Released on May 2, 2007

  • Added support for Firebird database (only for Windows for now)
  • Fixed support for Windows Vista
  • Disable Windows XP SP2 Firewall alerts for all servers started.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of small improvements.

New features in version 2.4
Released on February 13, 2007

New features in version 2.3
Released on January 30, 2007

  • Added support for Java and Tomcat.
  • CDBuilder now allows to install additional packages using Tools->Install packages to allow modular management of existing extensions. The list of all available extensions is on present on a dedicated page.
  • Some polishing of CDBuilder was performed.

New features in version 2.2
Released on January 17, 2007

New features in version 2.1
Released on December 11, 2006

  • This version fixes showing splash screen at startup on MacOSX;
  • Now CDBuilder (GUI to create CDs or DVDs with webserver on them) can import MySQL database data from .sql files;
  • Now along user's web site a special web script called Stunnix Web Server Inspector is opened in a separate window at web server startup. This script allows to control the web server (restart, stop, browse all logs) and MySQL database server (inspect using PhpMyAdmin and stop it). Stunnix Web Server Inspector is also enabled on demo cd. This script can be disabled using CDBuilder.
  • Ejection of media is not performed if run from device other than CD/DVD.
  • Icons on the CD are layed out wisely in Finder now.

New features in version 2.0
Released on November 25, 2006

  • Now splash screen is shown at web server startup on MacOS X too.
  • CDBuilder GUI now lets set environment variables, and lets set MySQL configuration file and pieces (per each platform, and common for all platforms).
  • InnoDB is now better supported in MySQL of any version.

New features in version 1.6
Released on October 3, 2006

  • This version adds support for ionCube Encoder for PHP scripts on MacOSX on Intel (x86) CPUs now scripts encoded with ionCube Encoder are supported on all platforms SAWS can run on (Windows, MacOSX - on PPC and Intel CPUs, and Linux on x86 CPUs).

New features in version 1.5
Released on August 1, 2006

  • Added support for MySQL version 5.0. Now one can choose which version to use - 4.1 or 5.0. This is done in 'MySQL' section of project settings in CDBuilder - when specifying mysql access mode, one has 2 options for each access mode - with version 4.1 or version 5.0 of MySQL server. Support of MySQL 5.0 means ability to use databases that use features added to version 5.0 of MySQL with Stunnix Advanced Web Server.

New features in version 1.4
Released on July 21, 2006

  • Full support for Mac OS X on Intel CPUs has been added, because PowerPC version ran improperly on Mac OS X on Intel CPUs; Note that since working decoders for ZendOptimizer and IonCube for Mac OS X on Intel CPUs are still not available from corresponding vendors, support for these decoders is absent in this version of Stunnix Advanced Web Server. Note that all external programs (e.g. run before server is started or before browser is started) for MacOSX should be either wrapper scripts (that start version of program specific to the host CPU) or Universal binaries since we didn't fork all MacOSX settings into settings for MacOSX x86 only and settings and MacOSX PPC only.
  • Various non-important corrections to the code and documentation have been made.

New features in version 1.3
Released on May 30, 2006

  • Fixed severe bug that prevented some database files to be copied to hard disk correctly on Windows. E.g. that bug prevented Joomla and Mambo from working.
  • Now splash screen stays on screen until the browser was started.
  • Added guide on installing Joomla from scratch; Joomla-powered section added to demo cd.
  • Added means for distinguishing between trial and non-trial versions of web server.
  • Added tooltips to CDBuilder interface.

New features in version 1.2
Released on March 10, 2006

  • Added CDBuilder - GUI tool that allows to configure all properties of CD or application without ever touching configuration files.
  • Added support for PHP5. User now has a choice between PHP4 and PHP5.
  • A lot of options were added for configuring window properies of browser on Windows platforms, when MSIE browser has to be used - whether to show scrollbars, menus,statusbar,toolbar, resizebar and so on, with names starting with win32_msie_prop__, making application look even more desktop-like.
  • Added configuration option not to eject CD on exit of the server (CD is ejected by default).
  • Added ability to run user-specified programs before starting web server, this is very useful if you wish to have animated logo for your product instead of a static image - just use flash projector as such program, using 'program_to_run_before_server_M' options.
  • Perl interpreter for linux and all perl-related files for linux were updated to Perl version 5.8.5.
  • Default template for autorun.inf supports the use CDROM icon (if it's specified in CDBuilder).
  • Added ability to specify text of message that warns user about necessity to turn off firewalls win32_firewall_alert_message) - useful for translating it to other languages.
  • Directory with php extension (the one where phpinfo.html is located) is now added to a list of directories where dynamic linker of the OS looks for shared libraries.
  • Environment variable STUNNIXWS_STATEDIR is now calculated in a way compatible with Stunnix Perl Web Server.

New features in version 1.1
Released on January 11, 2006

Bugs fixed:

  • Linux: fixed problems with non-existing group 'nobody' on Mandrake and other systems.
  • Linux: dependancy on various libraries not present on RedHat 9 and Mandrake 10 removed, now SAWS works just fine there.
  • Different configuration file for the core is used for stopping web server on Windows (important if some extensions like php or modperl are not used in the product based on SAWS).
  • Properly extend path for searching dynamic libraries.


New features in version 1.0
Released on December 6, 2005

The version 1.0 was the first public release of Stunnix Advanced Web Server.