Testimonials for Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB drives

Making a full trial available was very helpful for testing and your willingness to provide support before purchasing made it an easy decision to go ahead with the purchase. The software itself is very unique and will allow us to repurpose a very functional website for offline use as a standalone program.
Tom Sager, Communications Impact LLC
I'm interested in evalutation of SAWS for future CD release. Your product is great!
Franco Bernazzoli
Let me congratulate you for so quick response for all my doubts, and for the profissionalist of you and your team!
Marco Pinheiro
Hi, I have recently purchased your Advanced Web Server tool (running on Windows 2000, licence key *****), and in general I am very happy with it.
Craig Broadbent
You guys have an outstanding product.
I've downloaded the trial version of SAWS and the product is really good.
Erich Pahl
your software is realy GREAT
Bassel Safadi
I'm currently trying the demo before purchasing, and so far I really like what I see.
Ira at The Red Eye

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