Running Firebird based site from CDROM or USB using Stunnix Advanced Web Server

Stunnix Advanced Web Server allows the starting of the Firebird database server sites from cdrom, DVD or USB on Windows only (for now! If you need support for Firebird on other platforms, just contact us). No installation of Firebird onto the user's computer is needed - the Firebird database server is run from CDROM or USB without installation.

Currently only version 1.5.4 of Firebird is supported.

There are several modes to handle database data managed by Firebird running from CD, DVD or USB stick. There is no mode for the database to reside on CD though, since Firebird doesn't support databases residing on read-only media. Database files are always copied to the user's HDD - either the first time the product is run (meaning that changes made to data will be preserved between runs), or each time the product is run (meaning that all changes made during the session are lost). It's possible to choose the type of directory files are copied to - ether temporary (meaning that data can be gone at any moment in time) - or to hidden premament directory.

Firebird is run in SuperServer mode. It starts listening on the standard Firebird socket; unfortunately the Firebird PHP extension doesn't allow specification of the port name in connection string, so it's impossible to run a Firebird-based web server on computers where Firebird is running.

It's possible to choose whether the Firebird icon is shown in the tray in the CDBuilder's project settings.

Once the user decides to quit a session, Firebird server running from CDROM is stopped automatically, along with the web server and other programs (like Tomcat) running off the CD.

All information needed to access Firebird database is made available to site code running off CD-ROM - the location of the Firebird database files (using environment variable STUNNIXWS_FIREBIRD_DBDIR). One just needs to append the name of the file containing the database in order to be able to access the Firebird data.

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