Additional packages available for Stunnix Advanced Web Server


You can download several types of demo images of SAWS here. Each demo has different set of technologies and operating systems it supports.

Below you can find optional packages that are not available in any of the demos. You can install these optional packages into any demo image to extend list of technologies it supports (see here how to install a package).

Also you can download custom preconfigured Portable Firefox builds here.


Note: No SUN JREs are available for download for MacOS X. The version of JRE that comes preinstalled with MacOSX 10.3 and above is 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 (but not 1.5 or 1.6).

Tomcat packages

Note: there are no Tomcat6 packages because it requires JRE-1.5 which is not available for all Mac OS X versions we support (and it's not preinstalled on any versions of Mac OS X). If you do not care about MacOS X support, let us know and we'll provide you a package of Tomcat 6.

How to install a package

To install a set of packages, download them, place to the some directory, and then in CDBuilder do Tools ⇒ "Install packages from a directory" and specify path to that directory. Of course CDBuilder and Stunnix Advanced Web Server should be running from read-write enabled device like HDD or flash disk. Once the package is installed, one can create products that relies on the extension provided by the package.