Notes on evaluating Stunnix Advanced Web Server

We are glad to provide you with a free Evaluation Edition of Stunnix Advanced Web Server!

Limitations of Evaluation Edition

Once the demo stopped working or refuses to start, please logoff and then login to your system to kill it, or use operating system functions to kill a running instance (kill all httpd.exe, apache.exe on Windows, or 'httpd' on Mac and Linux). But logging off and logging in is much easier and is recommended way to work around that. Then download new demo version, open your project in CDBuilder, click on Make Prototype, &rAmp; Clear output directory, then copy all files and continue your evaluation.

As you can see, these limitations still allow you to evaluate the product fully.

What each demo package includes

Each archive of trial contains CDBuilder tool. You can create CDs and browser-based applications using any of technology the demo package contains (if you need support for Java, choose "All inclusive version" as "compact version"). CDs or apps you can produce with each demo package will support operating systems the demo package supports (i.e. you won't be able to produce CD that works on Macs using demo package that supports only Windows).

Also each package contains samples showing technologies it supports in action. In particular, working Joomla, PphBB2 and PhpMyAdmin samples are included.

Once you've downloaded ZIP, unpack it to your HDD, then click on "runcd.exe" at the top of the directory on Windows, "Run CD on Mac OS X" on OS X and "" on linux.

Getting started with Evaluation Edition

Please start by reading a guide on using the product.

Feel free to ask any questions - we will be happy to answer them and help you evaluate our product!

Thank you for evaluating our products!