Supported commandline options

The script to just start Stunnix Perl Web Server on a predefined port (without free port autodetection and without opening browser window) is '' script. This script supports the following commandline options:

--cfgfile configuration-file-name
This option makes SPWS reading configuration-file-name for configuration settings. If no such option specified at all, SPWS tries to load httpd.conf file in the directory where script resides.
--cfgline configuration-file-line
This option adds configuration-file-line to the internal buffer. Once all commandline options are scanned and all configuration files parsed, that internal buffer is parsed as configuration file. Please beware of quoting problems since configuration-file-line always will contain spaces - some shells on several operating systems have bizarre quoting rules - e.g. Windows allows only double quotes as quoting character. Passing double quotes inside argument on some systems is difficult task. So in cases when identical cross-platform behaviour is desired it's recommended to create a temporary configuration file and put all configuration file lines to it, and specify the name of the file using --cfgfile option.
Passing this option requests SPWS not to redirect its standard error output to a files named 'srvlog' and 'clilog' in the directory where script resides (all errors and abnormal conditions are reported in these files).