Upon purchase of Stunnix Perl Web Server or receiving an update to it, you receive a file named Stunnix-Perl-Web-Server-N.M.tar.gz. Just unpack the archive using WinZIP if you are using Windows, or use gunzip and then tar if you are using MacOSX or Unix-like operating system.

This archive contain a non-trial web server implementation (located in /sample-image/site/stunnixwebsrv/) and a copy of all documents related to SPWS from Stunnix website and a set of utilities for packing websites scripted in Perl. More information on the content of the archive can be found in a separate document. The archive does not contain Perl and php interpreters and additional modules and mysql server; you will have to download a full trial version that includes everything (but contains expiring web server core) - you have to register for receiving a download link to that full trial (in case you didn't evaluate it before).

So in order to be able to create non-expiring product based on Stunnix Perl Web Server, you will have to put ALL files from /sample-image/site/stunnixwebsrv/ extracted from the archive you've downloaded from ShareIT site to /site/stunnixwebsrv/ in the cdrom tree prototype you've created when using trial edition of SPWS (by doing this, you will be replacing tria SPWS core that will expire in several months with "normal" non-expiring SPWS core). Otherwise CDROM based on trial version will stop working in several monthes.

Such packaging of Stunnix Perl Web Server allows to minimize traffic required for downloading purchased Stunnix Perl Web Server or an update to it, and allows to evaluate all features Stunnix Perl WebServer provides without purchasing it. PLEASE test the site you've created by setting clock of your PC 4 monthes ahead and running them to ensure that you've turned your web server into NON-TRIAL!

If you never evaluated SPWS before, please follow short HOWTO on using the product.

Handling the license key

The license key you get when purchasing needn't be put into any file on CDROM, it's just a proof that you've purchased our product.

Notes on updating to new version of SPWS

Once new version of Stunnix Perl Web Server is released, it's sent to all customers who purchased a product (or update to it) during the 365 days before the date of release.

The update is the same file that one receives when purchasing a product in the store. The list of changes introduced in each new version of the product is always available on a dedicated What's New page.

One should copy all files from /sample-image/site/stunnixwebsrv/ extracted from the update to /site/stunnixwebsrv/ in the cdrom tree prototype to update webserver core. In some new versions of SPWS Perl and PHP interpreters and MySQL server are also updated (and it's also mentioned in What's New page), so if stated that something besides web server core is updated, one will also need to register again for receiving a download link to the full trial, download it, and either copy /perl, /extensions/egnines and all files from the top directory of trial CDROM image, or copy only updated and new files from those locations.

Consider protecting your code from theft and analysis

We recommend you to protect scripts used in your site.