This extension provides Perl modules for DBI, DBD::mysql and DBD::SQLite, allowing Perl scripts to use MySQL server and SQLite databases.

The implementations of extension should be extracted to /extensions/engines.

The implementations for this extension have the following sizes on CDROM: Windows: 2.1Mb, Linux: 2.2Mb, MacOSX: 3.7Mb.

Implementations of this extension are not included with distribution of SPWS, one has to download them separately and put to appropriate directory.


No options can be passed to this extension using /site/config/extlist.conf file.

The deployment editions of this extension don't differ from development editions (i.e. documentation is not stripped from Perl modules, no Perl modules are omitted).

Implementations available from us for all platforms do not have any dependencies since all dynamically-loadable libraries are statically compiled into them, so they don't require any non-standard libraries installed on user's computer to run.