In short, your linux distro should be able to run 32-bit binaries. Also it should have perl installed. Stunnix Obfuscators do not require any non-standard Perl modules for running, but distro vendors often move some Perl packages that come with Perl into optional packages.

Once requirements above are met, it Stunnix Obfuscator should be able to run on any Linux distribution. it was tested on RedHat 7.3, Ubuntu 10, Fedora 17, RHEL 4.0 and a lot of more modern Linux distributions.

Debian-based (Debian, Ubuntu etc) distros with 64-bit kernel

If you have Debian-based distro (like Debian or Ubuntu) and you are running 64-bit kernel, please run

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386

This will insure that 32-bit libraries are installed - they are needed for running 32-bit code shipped with Obfuscator.

Also please run this to insure that all required Perl modules are installed:

sudo apt-get install perl libcgi-pm-perl

RedHat based distros

Run as root:

yum install perl perl-CGI perl-Digest-MD5

to install necessary packages.