Testimonials for Perl Obfuscator

DD Factory is a software developing company and has a background in both developing Industrial Automation software and Corporate Data applications.
The knowledge DD Factory holds today, is a result of over 20 years of experience regarding software development together with thinking outside of the box to find new solutions. Paralda is also such a product and launched officially in January 2008.

The Paralda software consists of about 20 individual programs, which is about 1.8mb of source code. It took us 26 hours to successfully obfuscate and process all Paralda programs in combination with ActiveState Perl DevKit. The results are fully obfuscated and independent self-executables for our Paralda software. This time also included some tiny issues regarding e.g. module calls etc. However, after contacting the Stunnix support team, these issues were swiftly resolved.

We think it is "Job well done" both project time wise and the final protected results! Definitely would recommend working with Stunnix, we are very pleased.

Niels Lefeber (owner and lead developer DD Factory), January 2008, Lisse Holland
My name is Mark Darnell, and I purchased a copy of your Stunnix perl obfuscator tool. I must admit, the more we've worked with it, the more impressed we become. As a point of reference, our perl-based product is approximately 150K lines of perl spread across almost 300 perl files, so it is not a small product.
Mark Darnell
I have completed most of my evaluation of Perl-Obfus and I believe it is a great product and meets my needs to protect my intellectual property (source code)
Art & Cheryl Anderson
The Perl Obfuscator worked very well for us. We searched and tried to many others including the free ones but the problem is they couldn't handle modules. Our product has several Perl files and several modules and the Stunnix Obfuscator worked. We had to exclude some variables in the exclude list but that's to be expected. We were concern that the program or some parts of the program would flake out but didn't have any problems. Pre and post sales technical support from Stunnix were excellent.

Two bad things we felt about the product, documentation and price. We thought the documentation was a little weak and could be better organized. We thought the price could be lower. But when it came down to it, the risk of exposing our intellectual property outweighed the cost of the software and we bought it. We didn't try the licensing part.

I would recommend you try to the evaluation on your code. As I stated earlier, the support is excellent and right on the money. I would recommend this product for any company that wants to protect their code.

Tom Bozarth, norcom-inc.com
We bought Stunnix Perl-Obfus(Single Developer) at online Stunnix store just now. We evaluated it for a week and understand it's goodness.
Toru Kawamura

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