Evaluating Perl Obfuscator

Below you can download a demo of Perl-Obfus User's interface - Project Manager (you can see the interface online too by following this link). Packages found below allow to create projects, edit project settings, but ability to obfucate the code was removed from them.

To evaluate the obfuscator in action, please send us a email to describing the products you wish to be protected, information about your company, the number of developers who will be using Perl-Obfus, and we'll send you free time-limited trial of Perl-Obfus (give us up to 48 hours for processing your request).

Download Perl-Obfus
from WinXP to Win10


Mac OS
from 10.4 to current version


Any popular distro for x86 or x86_64


Please introduce your self

Why we are asking this?

Thank you for evaluating our products!