Notes on evaluating C/C++ Obfuscator

We are glad to provide you with a free Evaluation Edition of C/C++ Obfuscator! Here are some notes regarding the installation, use and functional limitations of the Evaluation Edition of C/C++ Obfuscator.

Limitations of Evaluation Edition

These differences won't significantly limit your ability to evaluate C/C++ Obfuscator. Please note that since only the 'prefix' mangler for symbols is supported in the Evaluation Edition, the output won't look as cryptic as it would be with Standard Edition of C/C++ Obfuscator but for evaluation purposes it is more than enough to prepare your code for obfuscation and to insure that a desired set of symbols will be mangled. If you wish to see how code protected using different symbol manglers with would look with our Standard Edition, please see the samples page!

Installing Evaluation Edition for Windows

The Evaluation Edition for Windows has a user-friendly installer familiar to Windows users. There is no need to be connected to the Internet to run installer as it won't fetch any files from the Internet.

Just execute the downloaded file - it will install the product, create menu entries in the Programs folder, and will ask whether you wish to run it. When asked for a path where product needs to be installed, specify any path outside of c:\Program Files*\, e.g. c:\opt\stunnix\. There is no need to reboot the computer, run additional scripts or install additional software.

Installing Evaluation Edition for Unix and MacOSX

Please use the installation instructions for the Standard Edition of the product for installing the Evaluation Edition.

Getting started with Evaluation Edition

Please start by reading these documents as a guide on using C/C++ Obfuscator: Protecting projects with C/C++ Obfuscator using Project Manager and Protecting projects with C/C++ Obfuscator (without using Project Manager).

Feel free to ask any questions - we will be happy to answer them and help you evaluate our product!

Thank you for evaluating our products!