Introduction to Project Manager

Stunnix Obfuscator Project Manager is an advanced intuitive cross-platform graphical user interface for Stunnix Obfuscators. It is shipped with Stunnix Obfuscators version 2.0 and above and is effectively a dynamic web site that runs locally on user's computer using the cross-platform Stunnix Perl Web Server (Stunnix Perl Web Server and framework can be purchased separately for the use in custom projects for cross-platform browser-based applications, see SPWS page for more details).

Stunnix Obfuscator Project Manager allows protection of projects of any complexity consisting of files of any type and potentially including code of any type (client-side, server-side, .asp pages with both server side and client-side code, .html files with client-side code). Different files can be processed with different sets of options or not processed at all. It has 'build project' functionality available in most popular IDEs which will result in processing only the files which are newer than the protected version. Files free from code (like images or .css files) will simply be copied to the directory with protected version of the project, allowing Project Manager to be used as a generic replacement for 'Make'-like utility. It completely eliminates the need to compose and invoke commands from the command line. All operations can be performed using mouse.

screenshot of Project Manager

Users who prefer to use the command line will be able to compose a build script (a special project-specific perl program that effectively is a smart stand-alone replacement for project-specific Makefile that already includes functionality of the Make utility) for a project using Project Manager. That build script can then be invoked to perform desired operation like cleaning all output files, rebuilding only changed files or rebuilding all files (with ability to specify only a subset of files to be subject of an operation).

Demonstration of Project Manager

We've installed Project Manager on our site. Please select any of the links below to check what functionality is available and what object properties can be changed. Please note that functionality for changing properties, building projects and creating new projects is disabled for security reasons.

Please note that the demonstration installation of Project Manager may seem to be unresponsive. This is because it is being hosted on a web server. Project Manager itself responds instantly (as native applications do) when run locally due to several advanced techniques.